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5th National Construction Pipeline Report – now released

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The National Construction Pipeline report provides a forward view of national construction activity for the next six years, ending on 31 December 2022. It includes graphs, tables and commentary on actual and future building and construction work, based on building and construction forecasting by BRANZ, and Pacifecon data on known non-residential building and infrastructure intentions.

The six most significant findings in the report:

  1. The national building and construction forecast shows a higher peak with a longer duration than previously forecast
  2. Dwelling unit consents are forecast to reach a new peak for the next five years
  3. Growth in non-residential buildings is forecast to continue for longer and to a higher level than previously forecast
  4. Growth in building and construction in Auckland is expected to be sustained for a longer time than in other regions
  5. Dwelling consents in the Rest of New Zealand grew 27% in 2016, and
  6. House sizes have plateaued and decreased in some regions in the last decade

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